Bruce Huebner ブルースヒューバナー尺八 Shakuhachi

Performer, composer, producer and educator Bruce Huebner creates new music on a traditional Japanese instrument, the shakuhachi.



演奏家 教育者 音楽プロヂューサー



Aeolian Trio

Curt and Bruce "Going Home" talk at TedX Tokyo

Bruce Huebner - Shakuhachi Player Bruce Huebner's shakuhachi sound is unbounded by musical convention, flowing from freeform to jazz to Japanese traditional music to Celtic to Western classical. His concert resume includes appearances with Vancouver's VICO Orchestra and performances at the Toronto Jazz Festival, New York Blue Note and Kyoto Concert Hall.

Aeolian Duo

"Forest in Black"Kofu Suwa (guitar)

Forest In Black 黒い森 / 作曲:諏訪光風 ドイツ南西部に実在するグリム童話ヘンゼルとグレーテルがさまよった黒い森。 その黒い森から物語が始まる不思議な"おとぎ話"の世界へ皆さんを誘います。 Forest In Black comp. Koufuu Suwa This piece evokes the Black Forest of southwestern Germany that is the backdrop for the Grimm's Fairy Tales and the place where Hansel and Gretel wandered.

Bright Ones Dark Ones Duo

"Softly as in a Morning Sunrise"

Jonathan Katz (piano)

From their album "Bright Ones, Dark Ones" filmed in the mountains in Shizuoka, Japan, near Mt Fuji. Jonathan Katz {Piano} Bruce Huebner {shakuhachi}


"Bright One" Jonathan Katz (piano) Saori Sendo (percussion) 

Shakuhachi and Charcoal Kiln Collaboration

Bruce Huebner plays his Shakuhachi flute at the Charcoal Kilns in the mountains of Death Valley National Park on June 19, 2010.

Tradewinds Pacifica 

The Raven George Quirin (guitar)

Tradewinds Pacifica トレーソウィンズ パシフィカ "The Raven" 『わたりがらす』 George Quirin guitar ジョージ クウィリン ギター Bruce Huebner shakuhachi ブルース ヒューバナー 尺八 Composed by George Quirin (George F Quirin Publishing BMI) From CD Tradewinds Pacifica "Pelican Buoy" (Zabu Tone Music 2016 BMI) Filmed on Bali Island, Indonesia, February 2016 2月、2016年、バリ島にて撮影 今、数百年の時を越え、江戸のみやこ節とヨーロッパのフリギア旋法が響きあう! 尺八とスパニッシュ・ギターの名手がカリフォルニアの海で創り上げたオリジナル曲。 時空を超え、太平洋の出会いがもたらした感動的な音世界がここにある! The shakuhachi, that most "Eastern" of instruments, rooted in Zen Buddhism and made of bamboo, having a rich timbre of breath, meets that giant of jazz, rock and pop the guitar.

Tradewinds Pacifica

"Blue Moon Rising" composed by George Quirin. ブルー・ムーン・ライジング ジョージ・クイリン作曲 Performed by Tradewinds Pacifica. トレード・ウインズ・パシフィカ Tradewinds Pacifica is Bruce Huebner, shakuhachi and George Quirin, guitar. ブルース・ヒューバナー 尺八;ジョージ・クイリン ギター Photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the White Mountains and Big Sur of California by Marty Chappell. 写真:マーテイ・シャペル カリフォルニア、ビッグ・サー、シエラネバダ山脈、ゴールデンゲートブリッジ。

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NHK Journeys In Japan Miyako Island

Journeys in Japan ] Miyako The Island of Song NHK WORLD On Demand Miyako Island, one of the southernmost islands of Japan, is a tropical paradise.

NHK Journeys in Japan Sacred Sounds of the Ainu

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