Bruce Huebner ブルースヒューバナー尺八 Shakuhachi

Performer, composer, producer and educator Bruce Huebner creates new music on a traditional Japanese instrument, the shakuhachi.



演奏家 教育者 音楽プロヂューサー



Podcast interview by Eien Hunter/Ishikawa May 2018

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Reviews from various magazines

  “We are assured by the lack of artifice or pretentiousness in their music. This calm is combined with a brilliance of tone rarely achieved these days by Japanese artists working with traditional instruments.” 


“ Patterson and Huebner's music demands to be performed on Japanese instruments even as it is sometimes “Western” in feeling and not confined to Japanese traditional forms or scales.  Patterson’s koto rings out like an ancient wagon court zither and Huebner’s shakuhachi moves freely, complementing the simple palette. “ (Hogaku Journal)


“The music comes to life.  Patterson and Huebner share a wonderful affinity. “ (Hogaku Journal)


Candela "successfully incorporates the shakuhachi and combines the best of Latin, European and Japanese traditions." (Reese Erlich,  Jazz Perspectives, KCSM San Francisco.)


 "A rare gem of Japanese-Western fusion." (CD Journal)


"Fantastically fresh!" (Ad-Lib)


 "First-rate" (Stereo Magazine) 


Huebner has a  "simple, evocative sound that melds  beautifully with the rhythm and harmony of jazz, achieving a seemingly impossible blend." (AERA)  


Candela's "Mogami" was selected as one of the year's top five recordings by Stereo Magazine in 2002.



Japan Times 

KS Duo in the Japan Times