Bruce Huebner ブルースヒューバナー尺八 Shakuhachi

Performer, composer, producer and educator Bruce Huebner creates new music on a traditional Japanese instrument, the shakuhachi.



演奏家 教育者 音楽プロヂューサー


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Omnibus Sampler

by Bruce Huebner and Friends

Bruce has released fifteen albums starting in 2000. Here is a sampling. I hope this shows some of the potential of the shakuhachi in world music settings. Collaborators include Todd Isler (percussion) Curtis Patterson (koto) George Quirin (guitar) Jonathan Katz (piano) Kofu Suwa (guitar) Robbie Belgrade (percussion) Tomoya Hara (guitar) Mark Tourian (bass) Miyama McQueen Tokita (koto)  

albums are available